Framework Loan 2019

Credit for land and construction projects

Most consumers are familiar with the disposition credit. The possibility of overdrawing the current account has probably already taken advantage of every bank customer. Installment loans are also a popular solution for larger purchases and financing. But what does a framework loan do, and why does it make sense to apply for it in any case? The credit line is a permanent line of credit. The customer uses the loan only when needed – and only pays interest when used. On what conditions the Metabank Framework Loan approves and how to make the application, so it will go in the following. The advantages of the bank at a glance

  • Same interest for all – independent of credit
  • No processing fees
  • Make loan application online
  • Flexible repayment and replacement without additional cost

Metabank credits benefits:

  • Free processing and lending
  • Non-maturity and maturity-independent, fixed interest rate
  • Interactive Credit Checker Tool
  • Flexible adjustment, special payments and replacement
  • Flexible framework loans cheaper than credit lines


  • Loans not under 2,500 euros, maximum 50,000 euros
  • Terms of 12 to 84 months

credit comparison!

The framework conditions of Metabank

The framework conditions of Metabank

The funding amounts are for a installment loan between 5,000 and 50,000 euros. For a credit line, a credit line can be applied for from 2,500 euros. Interest rates are also significantly cheaper in the framework credit the credit of the competition. So-called small loans are not available at Metabank. Also installment loans over 50,000 euros are not possible. Higher credit sums are only available for real estate financing. The running time can almost always be chosen freely between 12 and 84 months.

  • No administration fees
  • Flexible and free special repayments possible, also free of charge early replacement
  • Loans also available for freelancers

The loans of Metabank make wishes come true

The loans of Metabank make wishes come true

Installment loans is the way in which the monthly installment is set. In the installment loan, the borrowing debt taken is deducted within a previously agreed period, in monthly installments consisting of the repayment amount plus the accrued interest.

With the frame loan one clears every month only the interest. When the loan amount itself is repaid, it is not relevant, because the credit line is open to the top! At the same time you can repay flexibly, as you know it from the Dispo credit.

  • Use: for free use, also for rescheduling
  • Credit volume of the framework loan: 2,500 – 25,000 euros
  • Duration: one month, unlimited open
  • Annual percentage rate: 5.99%
  • Tied debit interest: 5.83%
  • Credit: Credit-independent variable interest rate

If you compare the credit line with a credit line for the amount of 3,000 euros, you can save more than 200 euros in the framework loan. The favorable credit at the Metabank is recommended as a permanent nest egg, because on the once approved credit limit, the customer can always access again, the interest is only on actual use, additional or hidden costs there are none.

Credit facilities, but costs only apply when the credit line is actually used. Applying for the framework loan is largely possible in digital form; not even an existing checking account is required at DiBa. If the credit rating is good and all documents have been submitted, the approval can be made within a few days. Thanks to the good conditions, the DiBa framework loan received a rating of “Best Framework Loan” in September 2017. Overall, the company has received several awards for its customer service and good conditions in recent years. The installment loan is particularly noteworthy here, because not all banks provide a flexible credit line at low interest rates at all.


What is a loan broker

A loan broker is an entity dedicated to help obtain loans and loans, through different arrangements with institutions that give money. Using these services a person can save a considerable amount of time, since they should not search among a multitude of companies that offer loans, and choose between various existing conditions in the market.

Instead of spending several days at the computer or mobile phone, looking for different offers on the Internet, comparing conditions, terms, rates, etc., one can use these services. The other advantage that a client has in this case is the need to present the application once only, and the broker is already responsible for the other efforts and investigates the market to get the best offers of money.

Apart from these services, you can also use the fast loans from us, since they are well balanced and offer very attractive and safe conditions for the client.

What benefits are obtained when using the services of a loan broker?

By using the services of a loan broker, you can greatly increase the possibility of applying for a loan, since the comparison of different financial, in the end will help you get a loan with minimum requirements. Also, you can get the money quickly, in a few minutes, as the money issuing system quickly analyzes the customer’s solvency and helps save time when requesting a loan. In this company, a comparison is made of different companies present in the market, in order to present their clients with the best solutions and be able to offer them fast cheap money loans, taking into account the interest applied in this type of loans in general.

If you do not want to see yourself with unpleasant surprises in the future, you should only use the services of companies that treat the client in a transparent, friendly and honest way. In these companies, from the beginning of the application the client can see all the financial information related to his loan. It shows the interest rate, the terms, the general cost of the loan. You can also inform yourself of the possibility of extensions, of how to return the money, of the conditions in case of not paying within the established period, in case of non-payment, etc.

Who can apply for a loan through a loan broker?

In most of the occasions to request money using the services of a loan broker, you must be over 18 years of age, have Spanish nationality or a residence permit in Spain. In some cases, they will ask you for a payroll and check if you are registered in a delinquency list.

There are companies that issue loans with Financial Credit Institutions, and others for their part do not give loans to people registered in RAI or Financial Credit Institutions. Each situation is different. As some microfinance companies can give loans for the unemployed and credits for retirees, and others will need you to have stable income and you can justify it.

Anyway, you can apply for a loan at our company, since it is most likely to be issued to you!

How do I get a cheaper loan?

If all loans are too expensive, there are several ways to reduce the cost of credit:

1. Check Private credit information

1. Check Private credit information

It often happens that in the Private credit outdated or even wrong entries are found, which can have a negative effect on the score and thus on the loan terms and conditions. That is why everyone should first use Private credit’s own information before applying for a loan. Once a year it is free. If there are any discrepancies, future borrowers can apply to the Private credit for a cancellation of the entry.

2. Save equity

2. Save equity

Equity can significantly reduce the cost of borrowing. The risk of the bank drops so considerably and moreover In this way, the borrower indicates that he is financially able to raise part of the required capital himself. This shows a responsible handling of finances and is welcomed by credit institutes.

3. Offer securities

3. Offer securities

Collateral is not possible with every type of loan. However, you can significantly reduce the cost of borrowing. Especially cars, real estate or securities accounts are ideal for security. However, the borrower in this case should pay particular attention to the fact that he can actually repay the desired loan. Otherwise, he faces significant financial difficulties.

4. Guarantees

Guarantees also reduce the risk of the credit institution and thus reduce interest rates sometimes considerably. This is because a guarantor will have to settle the remaining debt if the original borrower fails to pay. A guarantee therefore needs to be well considered by both sides and can severely burden an interpersonal relationship in an emergency.

5. Loans only for reasonable purchases

Consumer credits for consumer goods are only conditionally recommendable and should only be taken in an emergency. On the one hand, such loans are often associated with unnecessarily high interest rates, on the other hand, every loan is stored in the Private credit and thus contributes to higher borrowing costs at.

6. Compare loan offers

6. Compare loan offers

Anyone planning to take out a loan should check with as many providers as possible. In the rarest cases, the house bank or the car dealer are the cheapest options. A credit comparison helps to identify overpriced offers and find cheaper alternatives. However, interested parties should also be careful to compare only the total costs. Only then can they estimate which loan is actually the cheapest.

7. Apply for funding


Especially when it comes to mortgaging or investing in renewable energies, many borrowers do not inform themselves sufficient about the state funding. The loans granted are state subsidized and therefore much cheaper than on the market.

How long should the loan term be?

The optimal repayment term depends on two factors:

The optimal repayment term depends on two factors:

The monthly installments can be paid easily. However, the repayment amount should be calculated as high as possible. Any reduction in monthly contributions leads to an increase in interest costs. However, a small financial reserve should always remain around emergencies and changing ones
To compensate for income relationships.

The repayment term does not exceed the useful life of the financed property. If the loan runs longer than the object can be used, this can become a significant problem. This topic is especially relevant for vehicles. If a car loan runs longer than the vehicle is functional, the borrower pays the loan even if no car is available. He receives a new vehicle loan then only in the rarest cases. Especially if he needs a car for his work, this can be a significant problem. Since an accident can also lead to this situation, all financed objects should be adequately covered by insurance, at least during the repayment period.

All credit offers were checked by the editors!

When choosing the loan term, borrowers should also pay attention to their life planning. If there are major changes, such as starting a family or a pension, the monthly repayment installment must be calculated more carefully.

Times to Get a Loan? Here are the 5 Points

The times for obtaining a loan with the transfer of the fifth are longer than those necessary to obtain a personal loan. This employee: – from the required documentation – from the parties involved (company, customer, financial, insurance). We will see below the 5 steps necessary for the provision of this loan.

Step 1 – Evaluation

The first evaluation is almost immediate. With the income data, those of the company or of the pension institution, personal data of the applicant, it is immediate the preparation of an estimate and of the relative model.

Estimated time :

  • 15 minutes

Phase 2 – Resolution

This phase takes more time, therefore longer than the previous one. Before the resolution of a transfer of the fifth or delegate payment, it is necessary to find all the useful documentation: – customer identity document – income documents (payroll and cud if employees, coupons and cud if retired) – salary certificate (if employees) issued by the employee’s administration (ie the private / public company) – ministerial models (for state employees) – transferable portion (if retired).

Estimated time :

  • salary certificate: from 2 to 12 days (depends only on the employee’s administration)
  • ministerial models: from 2 to 12 days (depends only on employee administration)
  • transferable share: immediate. This document is downloaded online

Step 3 – Approval

After the financing decision, we do not have to wait long for the return of the approval. The approval or better the act of approval is a summary document that the financial forward to the administration of the employee or pensioner to summarize the data of the signed contact. The administration will return this document by e-mail (certified e-mail).

Estimated time :

  • from 1 to 4 days (this phase is also linked to the collaboration of the client’s administration)

Step 4 – Policy

With the repayment of the loan contract, the financial company will require the insurance company to issue the policy or the accessory policies to the transfer of the fifth. Then life insurance policy and, for employees, employment policy.

Estimated time :

  • from 2 to 5 days (depending exclusively on the insurance company involved)

Step 5 – Extinction / Settlement

Once the insurance policy has been returned, proceed with the payment, but we must consider two cases:

  • A) the customer extinguishes a previous deduction on the paycheck or pension: in this case we speak of renewal of the assignment of the fifth. It is essential to close the previous debt before paying out the loan. This is possible only when the previous financial statement issues the extinction count (document indicating the amount still owed for the previous loan).
  • B) The customer does not have a transfer of the fifth to be extinguished: returned approval and policies, we are immediately activated for the provision of money.

Estimated time :

  • A) up to 10 days (these are the times that the previous financial year can use before issuing the requested document)
  • B) 1 day from the end of the approval and / or policies

Why do people decide to apply for mini-loans online?


Well, requesting online mini-loans is sometimes very important, we would even say that it is essential. Usually mini-loans are requested to make urgent payments, pay fines that can not wait or if a small amount of money is needed to make an offer purchase, etc. There may be thousands of situations that require online mini-loans.

Take advantage of an offer to go on vacation

Imagine that you have planned to go on vacation and from time to time you are looking through the Internet the price of airline tickets and the price of hotel reservations. It is a market, where everything can change very fast. The prices can be maintained, they can go down, or the other way around they can go up sharply. There are also different offers and promotions. This is where online mini-loans can help you!

If you leave a limited travel offer at an excellent price, in most cases you have to take advantage of it. The heart begins to beat in a hurry, you are already imagining how well you are going to spend it resting, but there is a small problem… They do not reach the funds and you need urgent money to take advantage of this excellent opportunity.

Smile, because we offers you cheap and advantageous mini-loans, so you can complete all the money, take advantage of all the opportunities, and enjoy to the full! With our mini-loans, you’ll win, because the amount of money you’ll pay to request a quick mini-credit, will be much lower than what you would pay if this offer is out of your hands.

Mini-loans also help in other types of emergencies

For example, if you lack money to pay your rent, a quick loan can help you. Do not think about asking for an extension to the owner of the apartment, especially if the owner is heavy or if the relations are tense. Our company quick mini-loans will solve the situation. We do not ask annoying questions, we are calm and educated.

Go ahead, you can now request a mini online credit instantly!