Framework Loan 2019

Credit for land and construction projects

Most consumers are familiar with the disposition credit. The possibility of overdrawing the current account has probably already taken advantage of every bank customer. Installment loans are also a popular solution for larger purchases and financing. But what does a framework loan do, and why does it make sense to apply for it in any case? The credit line is a permanent line of credit. The customer uses the loan only when needed – and only pays interest when used. On what conditions the Metabank Framework Loan approves and how to make the application, so it will go in the following. The advantages of the bank at a glance

  • Same interest for all – independent of credit
  • No processing fees
  • Make loan application online
  • Flexible repayment and replacement without additional cost

Metabank credits benefits:

  • Free processing and lending
  • Non-maturity and maturity-independent, fixed interest rate
  • Interactive Credit Checker Tool
  • Flexible adjustment, special payments and replacement
  • Flexible framework loans cheaper than credit lines


  • Loans not under 2,500 euros, maximum 50,000 euros
  • Terms of 12 to 84 months

credit comparison!

The framework conditions of Metabank

The framework conditions of Metabank

The funding amounts are for a installment loan between 5,000 and 50,000 euros. For a credit line, a credit line can be applied for from 2,500 euros. Interest rates are also significantly cheaper in the framework credit the credit of the competition. So-called small loans are not available at Metabank. Also installment loans over 50,000 euros are not possible. Higher credit sums are only available for real estate financing. The running time can almost always be chosen freely between 12 and 84 months.

  • No administration fees
  • Flexible and free special repayments possible, also free of charge early replacement
  • Loans also available for freelancers

The loans of Metabank make wishes come true

The loans of Metabank make wishes come true

Installment loans is the way in which the monthly installment is set. In the installment loan, the borrowing debt taken is deducted within a previously agreed period, in monthly installments consisting of the repayment amount plus the accrued interest.

With the frame loan one clears every month only the interest. When the loan amount itself is repaid, it is not relevant, because the credit line is open to the top! At the same time you can repay flexibly, as you know it from the Dispo credit.

  • Use: for free use, also for rescheduling
  • Credit volume of the framework loan: 2,500 – 25,000 euros
  • Duration: one month, unlimited open
  • Annual percentage rate: 5.99%
  • Tied debit interest: 5.83%
  • Credit: Credit-independent variable interest rate

If you compare the credit line with a credit line for the amount of 3,000 euros, you can save more than 200 euros in the framework loan. The favorable credit at the Metabank is recommended as a permanent nest egg, because on the once approved credit limit, the customer can always access again, the interest is only on actual use, additional or hidden costs there are none.

Credit facilities, but costs only apply when the credit line is actually used. Applying for the framework loan is largely possible in digital form; not even an existing checking account is required at DiBa. If the credit rating is good and all documents have been submitted, the approval can be made within a few days. Thanks to the good conditions, the DiBa framework loan received a rating of “Best Framework Loan” in September 2017. Overall, the company has received several awards for its customer service and good conditions in recent years. The installment loan is particularly noteworthy here, because not all banks provide a flexible credit line at low interest rates at all.